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Rabbit holes:

Take a plunge down each of the holes, no specific order, no rush.  The work on the architectural side is an opportunity to understand the design process at Point b, having more breadth and depth in each of these case studies. There is also some rambling on related ideas and concepts. For videos, click here.


D. Gallery:

This is the most significant architectural project to date.  It represents not just a fully developed project, integrated with its site.  It represents a strong set of architectural concepts and ideas that are very relevant and worth taking a little bit of time to explore.  Lastly, overall this project is a window into some wild cowboy days in the recent architectural history.


D. Bridge:

Writing here for D. Bridge project needs to be inserted but filler text is going in this spot for the purposes of website layout formatting. Needing to ensure that the spacer on the side of the page stays where it ought to be and that the sizing of the image to the left side of this page stays fit in with the rest of the home page.

wilson 001.jpg

wilson residence:

This is a house that was designed for a site in Ruidoso, NM.  It was a really unique approach to the design development process in the way we used site information and the design engines that we built for this project.  We also slept out on site to gain full understanding of the landscape …which is breathtaking.  The project is on hold but hopeful.


b. residence:

This project represents a good example  of a residential projects potential. It is actually a huge house but we had a very down to earth client that valued simplicity and felt naturally compelled to not over-do-it.  We executed the design work and very many objects within this project, making it a great example of Point b thinking and craft.



A play on words for my brother and his partner’s house in Rehoboth Beach.  This house is a great example of a small-scale project that has some Point b “nuggets” in there.

The design of the house itself is a good example of taking an existing home and cleaning up the DNA – setting up a clear tone and ambiance for the house with a few simple gestures.

rehobos 2:

After breaking my heart and selling their newly completed home, I helped Peter and Ace with their new home four blocks away.  This is a larger home but has an evolved sense about it that should be the goal of any design project.  Setting up some simple principles and following a similar formula to the first home. The amazing floors took a lot of time/effort.

shields residence:

My home is an incubator and the island of misfit toys for the prototypes that have yet to hit the street.  There are some cool features to note if you are thinking of doing a renovation or a new home.  The tub has a unique development.  The stairs and railings are quite unique.  The concepts around the white paint colors and their relationship is worth time.