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OUR WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. You’re welcome to peruse our preview until it’s done.


Welcome To The studio of point b design

take time to explore both sides of our world

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The Rabbit Holes are opportunities to dive deeper into the work of our studio. The goal is that you may gain some insight into the design philosophy and our design process as a result of exploration within the rabbit holes. Key concepts that should be evident through the work are the use of advanced digital tools in concert with the “low tech” hands on impact in our development of the designs. Also to be noted is the manner in which designs evolve iteratively and in context. Context that are multi-variable, multi-network, and multi-scaled. Take a dive down a rabbit hole.

The shop is a representation of our current set of Furniture Designs. The work is represented by prototypes that we have produced in our shop and outsourced with our team of sub contractors. The designs represent frozen moments of many variables within each design, this means that the piece you see in the shop most often can be modified with a developed set of parameters. Each piece of Furniture that we design has its own DNA. Your engagement with the piece through the purchase process will result in a unique variation of the design for you, this is true for all our designs.


Point B Design

High tech. low tech.

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Point B Design has been designing and fabricating our projects since their humble roots on pearl st in NYC 1995

The most important thing that you could understand about us is that we are committed to the fullest consideration of each design opportunity, we design.

We have our own clearly identifiable design process that has evolved over the thirty years in the industry. It is a relatable even though it is non-linear. It is based upon the constant re-contextualization of the object or space as it evolves. Our advanced digital design tools help to manage the design process and to manage the data set as the project evolves.

We are concerned with the phenomenon of how a space or an object feels in time and over time. we make pieces that continue to grow in your appreciation by the feelings and emotions they were designed to evoke.